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4WiFi Tracker

Bringing you cutting edge personnel movement tracking to broaden your understanding and better serve your business and its customers.

What we do

By combining 4WiFi Managed Hotspots with 4WiFi Tracker technology we have opened the door to realising where your patrons and customers move throughout your premises.

How we help

Understanding the movements of your customers has until recently been a very time consuming task. 4WiFi Tracker allows this to happen automatically and accurately with the use of advanced passive tracking. In addition to this we help link to specific personnel or customers, allowing you to understand the demographics and how they move throughout your store, office, or any other space.

We provide all the physical sensors as well as the backend processing of the collected data so you can understand and gain the most benefit from knowing how your customers interact within your spaces. We can provide realtime data for your own data processing if required as well as provide customised Cloud-Based reporting facilities so you never are left without the information that best serves your business.

Ask us today how we can customise a solution for you.

Simple Data Inputs

We take care of the complex data entry to set your site up. This allows you to see the data collected in a format that is easy to read while providing powerful insights into your customers movements.

Linked Information

We bridge the gap between your customers movements and identification of your customers on a personal level. This allows you to better respond to their activities and provide a better customer experience.

Realtime Data Processing

Data gathered by our service is processed in real time, allowing direct interaction with your customers while they are still in your store.

Online Reporting

We provide you realtime reports via our Online Portal so that you always are kept up to date with your customers activities.

Get in touch

Contact 4WiFi today and we will tailor a solution for your needs.